Kate Groves

Maximising Your Potential With Amazon Storefronts

You’ve optimised your product listing pages and the keywords for the search engine to show your products to shoppers. You’ve set up your PPC ad campaigns, what else can you do to help promote your brand and its products on the Amazon platform? Let’s talk about setting up a storefront for your brand.

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Amazon Prime Days

Amazon Prime Days is one of the most important annual sales events. This post aims to give an overview of what you should know, from the most basic to more expert-level strategies. The advice in this post is also relevant for other popular sales periods on the platform.  

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Navigating the Amazon PPC Advertising Journey

We’ve learned about creating a shopper-centric experience on Amazon by optimising our product listing pages, titles and keywords. Now, how can we optimise our Amazon PPC advertising campaigns to bring the shoppers to us? It’s important to distinguish between the different advertising campaigns, their objectives, and methods for optimising efficiency.

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Creating a Shopper-Centric Experience on Amazon

Creating a shopper-centric experience on Amazon is the key to satisfied customers and successful conversions. As an Amazon merchant, it is crucial to understand how to attract and retain shoppers. How can we do this with optimised product listings and global content? In what way does a Storefront help our brand?

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Selling on Amazon: Understanding Amazon Platforms

When harnessed correctly, Amazon is one of the most lucrative global eCommerce platforms for brands to expand their reach and increase their revenues. Deciding the best Amazon strategy for your business includes choosing between platforms, fulfilment types and supply chain management.

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